On tin soldiers and tin figures
Toy and collector's item by Henrik Moberg
C.C. Ohlssons Leksaksfabrik by Henrik Moberg
Tenngjuteriet Mars by Henrik Moberg
Santessonska Tenngjuteriet by Henrik Moberg

Santessonska Tenngjuteriet Catalogue

The Swedish king Gustav II Adolf was born on the 9th of December 1594 and three hundred years later his birthday was celebrated with style. This was the background to F.A. Santssons Tenngjuteri's decision to produce a series of tin soldiers depicting the feats of Gustav II Adolf.

The series was ground-breaking in several ways. It was one of Santesson's very first series with 40-mm "plastic" i.e. half-round figures. Another news was that the foot-plate had a number ingraved and the figures was accompanied by a printed figure list. In this way the buyer would know where the soldier belonged and also the name of the portrait figures.

The moulds were ordered from Albrech Städler's factory in Fürth, Germany. The artist of the drawings is unknown and the figures are very well engraved, maybe by Städler himself. The main part of the moulds were completed during the year of 1895 and at Christmas that year the series "30-year war" was released.





















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