Swedish editors of tin figures

Johan Lilliehöök

Zinnfiguren Offizin Johan Lilliehöök

Johan Lilliehook operates a foundry business and selling figures to collectors and others interested in the name Zinnfiguren Offizin Johan Lilliehook. Today customers come from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Austria, France and Italy.

The figures are flat figures, mostly 30 mm, although other sizes are available. The molds are made of slate, soapstone, or aluminum. The range includes moulds from a variety of well-known engravers, such as Wilhelm Rössner, Sixtus Maier, Johannes Frauendorf, Hans Walz, Hans G. Lecke and others.

Most molds are from well-known publisher of tin figures, namely Thorild Sivhed and George Ivanov. But Johan Lilliehöök also produces all-new characters, such as thr series Finnish War and Poltava. He uses some of today's best engravers, namely Karl Werner Rieger in Kiel, Peter Ewald Kovar in Vienna and Vladimir Nuzhdin in St. Petersburg.

Figures and series that exist are Antiquity, Vikings, Waldemar Atterdag sacks Visby, Gustav Vasa's entry in Stockholm, of soldiers, the Thirty Years War, Scanian War, Carolines and Russians, Finnish War, Danish kings, Swedish monarchs, historical figures, Russian army parade 1914 etc.

The catalog is available on the website KLIOs www.zinnfiguren-klio.de/startframes.html then search for "Hersteller Flach" and search on "Johan Lilliehook"

Figures can be ordered from

johan.lilliehook @ hotmail.com
Johan Lilliehook, Söravägen 30, 18 460 Åkersberga